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Company Profile

"Foce India Limited, formerly known as Heighten Trading Company Private Limited has been at the forefront of Indian Horology Industry for the last three decades. Started as a small retail shop in 1980’s in Mumbai, the company today manufactures and imports wrist watches under various brand names and has become one of the front runners in the mid-range segment with distribution across 1700 retail stores across the country with an imposing list clientele in corporate segment.

Brand Story

Foce is an italian word for the delta formed at the entrance to the sea from the river. Like the delta that encompasses everything from the river, to the land, to the sea, to the natural and dynamic power of water; FOCE is a fashionable watch with a sensual design which embraces the immortality of love, youth and joy that you would want to keep forever.

Foce Mens Collection

Love Of Origin

If happiness can be measured by the existence of love, the depth of affection about life, living your true authentic self; then the journey to find this feeling must be a beautiful journey. FOCE represents this beautiful journey in search of the Love, to be one with Origin