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FOCE Men's Chronograph Watch - FS08TRM - Review

Step into the world of timeless elegance and refined sophistication with the FOCE Men's
Chronograph Watch. The smartwatches are good, but they cannot match the swag of the good
old wristwatches, especially the luxury wristwatches. We often try out some amazing luxury
chronograph watches and find one that suits the taste of every gentleman.
FOCE Men’s Chronograph with White Dial and Silver-Gold Metal Strap looks beautiful on any
wrist. With the elegance it carries, it immediately enhances the style quotient of the person
who’s wearing it. As we’ve got our hands on this stunning watch, it’s the right time to review this

FOCE Mens Chronograph Watch Review

Build Quality

Simplicity and luxury are combined in a single package with this amazing watch. At first glance,
you may think of this watch as a simple wristwatch made of metal. But as you take a closer look,
the simple round dial, delicate hands and the hypnotizing silver-gold Metal strap grab your
The FOCE Men's Chronograph Watch is designed with a width and height of 44mm, making it
noticeable and stylish on your wrist. It has a slim thickness of 10mm, which gives it a sleek and
comfortable feel on your wrist. The diameter measures 22mm, ensuring it fits nicely on your
wrist. With a weight of 142 grams, it feels heavy and premium at the same time.
The Case, it’s made with high-grade Stainless Steel. Also, the Silver-Gold Metal band is made
with the same Stainless Steel. The colour looks stunning on this watch as it makes this watch
look premium. Not just that, the watch band is connected perfectly, making it stronger than other
bands and providing a strong grip on the wrist.


The watch looks stunning from the distance and it’s a feast for the eyes when you are using it.
The case of this watch has a golden border that extends to the wristband. On the side, there are
three buttons which help you control the watch hands with ease.

There are three primary buttons on the right side of this watch. The middle button is to adjust
the second hand, minutes hand and hours hand. The two other buttons are made for the
Chronograph and the eyes of the 60-second counter and 30-minute counter.
The simple case contains the delicate hands of the watch. The entire watch looks simple but is
quite elegant in design. That makes it look beautiful on your hands. The Minute and Hour hand
is coated with a golden colour to match the overall colour scheme of the watch itself.

Mechanical Specifications

This is not just another wristwatch, but an elegant and premium watch. With the Quartz crystal,
the oscillations are perfect and the watch never gets ahead or behind the current time. It’s
always accurate and you can blindly rely on it.
With the Waterproof specifications, you can wear it without any worries about getting wet. It’s a
perfect option to wear while going to offices or even visiting your friends at golf games.


The FOCE Mens Chronograph Watch with Silver-Gold Wristband is not just a regular watch, but
a style statement from FOCE’s house. It carries the legacy of FOCE’s 26 years of experience in
the industry.
It’s a great option if you are looking for a premium watch that can withstand regular use and
stands out from the competition.
We loved this watch from the bottom of our hearts as it stole our attention the whole time. It’s
not just a watch, but an investment.

Buying Link : https://foceindia.com/collections/chronograph-watches/products/foce-analogue-white-dial-mens-chronograph-watch-fs08trm-white