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Best Watches Under 2500 Rupees in India- Top Picks for Men

Watches are more than just time-telling devices; they are a fashion statement and a part of one's personality. From casual everyday wear to formal events, there's a watch for every occasion. The significance of wearing a watch goes beyond just telling time; it's a symbol of style and elegance. Watching the seconds tick by on your wrist is always a million times more satisfying than checking the time on your phone. With the advancement of technology, watches have come a long way from just being simple timepieces. 

The watchmaking industry has witnessed a significant technological evolution, offering a wide range of features from GPS to heart rate monitoring; the possibilities are endless. But the trend of classic analog watches makes it easier to flaunt the style and rely on tradition. Now, without breaking the bank, you can get a stylish and functional watch that matches your lifestyle. So, let's check out some of the best watches under 2500 Rupees in India.

Top 5 watches under 2500 Rupees

1 - FOCE Men White Analogue Watch F989GSL

Price: ₹2,199/- 

The Men White Analogue Watch from FOCE is a stunning timepiece that emits elegance from a distance. The dial color is a crisp white, which adds a touch of purity to the overall design. The case shape is round and made from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The band's color is black and made from leather, which complements the white dial beautifully and adds a touch of luxury to the watch. 

With a width of 20 mm,  height of 24 mm, and thickness of 8 mm, this watch looks sleek and stylish. With a diameter of 42 mm, it is the perfect size for any wrist. Despite its sleek design, it weighs 130 grams, adding a substantial feel to the watch. The watch has a quartz movement, so it keeps time accurate. The analog display makes it stand out from the crowd of digital watches.

This watch is water resistant and supports the water resistance at a depth of 30ATM without any issues. Not just that, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects. 

2 - FOCE Men Analog Watch F496GSM-BLACK

Price: ₹2,196/- 

This Mens Analog Watch from FOCE is an elegant and stylish timepiece that will impress. With its black dial and high-quality stainless steel case, this watch is sophisticated and elegant. The silver stainless steel band complements the black dial perfectly, creating an appealing contrast of colors on your wrist.

With a width of 42 mm and a thickness of only 7 mm, this watch is slim and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear on the wrist. This watch can withstand splashes and minor water exposure as it has the proper water resistance. The best thing is that this watch comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, which offers protection against any manufacturing defects. 

This watch is the perfect balance between professionalism and elegance. The pitch-black dial pairs perfectly with the silver stainless steel strap. This watch is perfect for all occasions, including formal office occasions, family parties, or just a lovely date with your loved one. 

3 - FOCE Men White Analogue Watch F722GRL

Price: ₹2,199/-

The FOCE Men White Analogue Watch F722GRL is a stylish and sleek watch perfect for everyday wear. This watch is fashionable and modern with its white dial and square case shape. The high-grade stainless steel case adds durability and a touch of elegance to the overall look. The black leather band pairs the white dial and golden case like a match made in heaven.

With the clutter-free dial and quartz movement, checking the time is easier than ever. The  Time is always accurate and visible in any conditions. With a width, height, and diameter of 32mm and a thickness of 5mm, this watch is compact and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day. It weighs only 50 grams, making it a great choice for those who prefer a lighter watch. 

In addition, this FOCE watch comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. This watch is for mature gentlemen who live a classy life. If you are a young person, then it's a perfect watch to gift your father. 

Final Words 

Finding the perfect wristwatch can sometimes be overwhelming in the world of watches. But fear not! For those on a budget, there are plenty of incredible options for the best watches under 2500 rupees in India. These watches not only offer excellent value for money but also come with a charming blend of style and functionality. 

From sleek designs to classic looks, these watches cater to diverse tastes. So, the options are plentiful whether you're looking for a watch to wear every day or a stylish accessory for a special occasion. Also, you can gift it to anyone your friends, family members, and your mentors. 

All of the watches in this list are from the brand FOCE. This brand is dominating this list due to exceptional quality, stunning designs, and, most importantly, the affordable price tag. With a wide range of watches for rupees 2500 or less, you can find the perfect watch to match your requirements.